Faculty and Administration

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Brown/Trinity Rep Faculty

Curt Columbus Artistic Director, Trinity Repertory Company, Directing and Dramaturgy
Angela Brazil Director of the MFA Programs in Acing and Directing, Speech
Brian McEleney Head of MFA Acting
Brian Mertes Head of the MFA Directing
Thom Jones Head of Voice and Speech
Shura Baryshnikov Head of Movement and Physical Theater
Stephen Berenson Founding Director of the MFA Programs, Acting
Melissa Kievman Creative Producer of MFA Programs
Barbara Casey Alexander Technique
Rachel Christopher Acting
Tyler Dobrowsky Professional Development
Carol Gill Voice/Alexander Technique
Erica Jensen Professional Development
Michael Jerome Johnson Stage Combat
Eugene Lee Scene Design
Hillary Nicholson Singing
Kali Quinn Physical Play
Raelle Myrick-Hodges Directing
Mauricio Salgado Devising
Jude Sandy Movement and Embodiment Practice
Anne Scurria Acting
Deborah Salem Smith Playwriting
Elmo Terry-Morgan Artistic Director of Rites & Reason Theatre
Rachael Warren Singing
Gillian Williams On-Camera Acting
Patricia Ybarra Chair of Theater Arts and Performance Studies, Dramaturgy
Yon Tande Prime Action

Brown/Trinity Rep Administration

Jill Jann Production Manager
Nicole Ratkoski Tavares Production Manager
Sammi Haskell Program Coordinator
Michael Cline Technical Supervisor of the MFA Programs