Rachel Clausen



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Our Country's Good Davey Collins Brown/Trinity Rep Ashley Teague
Beowulf the Musical Warrior Trinity Repertory Company Curt Columbus
USA Isadora Duncan Bread Loaf Acting Ensemble Brian McEleney
Sideshow Violet Hilton Brown/Trinity Rep Ashley Teague
The Tempest Ariel Brown/Trinity Rep Kyle Vincent-Terry
Romeo and Juliet Ensemble Brown/Trinity Rep Ashley Teague
Midsummer Night's Dream Titania, Hippolyta Camden Shakespeare Festival Stephen Legawiec
Macbeth Witch Camden Shakespeare Festival Stephen Legawiec
The Crucible Reverend Hale Brown/Trinity Rep Ashley Teague
Merrily We Roll Along Gussie Carnagie Muhlenberg Theater James Peck
The Bourgeoise Pig Kate Muhlenberg Theater Beth Schachter
An American Tragedy Leslie Cranston Muhlenberg Theater Charles Richter
The Bacchae Prince Pentheus One Year Lease Kim Weild


Brown University / Trinity Rep | MFA Acting Candidate 2017

Bob Krakower On-Camera Workshop

Muhlenberg College I Bachelor's Degree in Theater and English Literature

Greek Theater Abroad Apprenticeship with One Year Lease Theater Company, based in New York

Special Skills

Dialects: Rhotic and non-rhotic American Southern, Irish, Cockney, Midwestern, and R.P. 
Musical Instruments: Proficient in violin, Lyric Soprano with jazz skills, sight reader.
Physical Training: Athletic background, Suzuki, Viewpoints, Contact Improvisation, Beginner Aerial Acrobatics.                                                           Dance: Basic ballet, intermediate jazz, and advanced modern.                                                                                                                                            

Awards: Presidential Scholar in the Arts for Musical Theater in 2009 by the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts.